The answer is simple

- sculptural concrete, due to metal mesh reinforcement and basalt microfiber, turns out to be monolithic and very durable over the entire surface.

- It is convenient to work with, it can be given any texture.

- All work is done directly on the wall.

- It can be painted in any color, and if desired, repainted later in another one.

- It is very easy to repair if necessary.

- It will not come off in pieces like tiles or stone, it is monolithic.

- It is not afraid of any weather conditions.

With it, you can implement a project of any complexity much cheaper and more reliable than with natural stone!

If I need a stone for my ideas,

I make it myself from sculptural concrete.

Why do I make facades of houses with sculptural concrete, not natural or artificial stone?

I have implemented many projects on finishing facades of houses with sculptural concrete.

This is an ideal solution if you want to cover any surface with concrete and give it a texture, for example, stone or wood - everything depends only on your imagination.